Jennifer Morris

Jennifer Morris, RYT, received her 200-hour Hatha Flow Teacher Training from Yoga Yoga Studios in Austin, Texas. Her Hatha Flow teaching style ranges from slow flow to high energy based on the needs of the class.

She has been practicing yoga for almost two decades, and as she has grown in life, her practice has evolved with her. When she started practicing, she preferred the vigorous styles of vinyasa and power yoga. In 2008, she suffered a personal tragedy and yoga became something that centered her and helped move her through the rough times through pranayama and meditation. Today she enjoys a mixture of flow based practices, restorative, Kundalini, meditation and pranayama.

Jennifer hopes to help others find the yoga that best serves them. Whether it is a strong physical practice, a gentle restorative practice or the centering of meditation and pranayama – there is a style of yoga for everyone. And the best thing about yoga is that as we grow and change, it moves along with us.

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