Julie - Loka Yoga Studio

Dr. Julie Strentzsch is a Licensed Professional Counselor and has incorporated body movement and breath awareness in her practice for almost six years. She currently works at a children’s home and is interested in bringing these principles to traumatized youth. She has a small private practice with an emphasis on healing anxiety spectrum disorders. This journey of body movement and breath work led Julie to beginning the practice of yoga in 2011 and to teacher training in 2016.

Julie is one of those students who did not know how to use the props and even when she did she felt she should do “yoga” like everyone else. Few people, if any, students used props in their practice. This lack of teaching and confidence was often a stumbling block. Over the last year, as she trained to teach yoga, her understanding on the necessity of using props to enhance her practice is key. Julie feels the use of props are an important step to achieving a new level of felt support, which can help our practice transform our bodies and mind while gaining greater understanding and clarity.

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