Kellie - Loka Yoga Studio

A 200-hour RYT with Yoga Alliance, Kellie Sears‘ yoga journey began about 15 years ago in the multipurpose room of a big box gym. Like most gym regular gym goers, she thought adding yoga to weightlifting and cardio seemed like the right thing to do. Soon, though, yoga class became the primary reason for going to the gym, especially that “napping part” at the end. While the class was great, she knew there was more, so much more, to this thing called yoga. Thus, the quest for knowledge began. Through many twists and turns of personal reading and study and more classes and workshops, the path eventually led to Yoga Yoga Austin’s Foundations of Yoga Therapy/Hatha teacher training held at Loka. For Kellie, yoga is a chance to go inward, to contemplate and navigate life, and to find peace and patience. Though yoga is an ancient, revered philosophy, there is always plenty of room to breathe, play, and laugh. Kellie hopes to share this passion with her students and encourage them to find their own path.

Loka Yoga Studio