Yoga 4 A Cause

Yoga 4 A Cause

Loka Studios believes in giving back to the community and we love supporting different non-profit organizations. We ask our students to join in by donating whatever items the organizations are in need of and then we deliver the products to them. These organizations depend on community support and we are grateful for all the love and care they provide our community through their very giving and open hearts.  Thank you in supporting them!

This time we hosted a Soul Hope party to organize kits that will help children in Uganda continue to heal after their jigger removals. The goal was to pack medical supplies that will be given to each individual who is treated at the Sole Hope Outreach House. The Sole Hope nurse hands these items out along with a wash basin, soap, and clothing before the patients return home from their stay. 

Thanks to our Loka Family, we were able to collect and make 227 complete kits to send to Sole Hope. After we made all the care kits we also collected $940 that helped sponsor the kits for the additional items that the children receive. We also had some extra donation money that we sent to help with whatever other expenses like housing and feeding the children.

We wouldn’t of been able to accomplish this without our awesome Loka Family!

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