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Now open for 2017!

Loka Yoga Studios Yoga Retreat

We’ll be staying in the Lele Penthouse and Lele Hideaway of the Wailea Inn, a luxury gated private estate. Wailea Inn is directly across from The Cove, the local stand-up paddle, surfing, and canoe launching spot. “Wailea” refers to the Hawaiian goddess of canoe builders. The property has currently finished an extensive renovation and has beautiful upgraded furnishings. Relax by the pool, watch the sunset from one of two jacuzzis, and enjoy classes in the on-site yoga studio. Conveniently located, the property is steps away from world class beaches, restaurants, many grocery stores, shopping, surfing, paddling, playground, bike and snorkel rental and activity booths.

Discover the Rainbow Bridge

“Discover the Rainbow Bridge” is centered around learning about and experiencing the chakras. The chakras are energy centers within our bodies that can effect the way we think, feel and behave. We will use yoga and essential oil practices to open up our awareness, find our alignment and discover this sense of well-being that comes from having healthy chakras. We have some fun activities planned, so all you need to do is show up and enjoy. You’ll be able to:

  • Experience scenic Haleakala Volcano by taking a mountain bike ride down the volcano, or hike inside the crater for a more challenging activity.
  • Cool off in a mountain stream or enjoy a picnic at the beautiful Iao Valley.
  • Spend your day on the famous and scenic Road to Hana and hike through the bamboo forest to the waterfalls.
  • Relax by the beach and take in a sunrise or sunset.
  • Tour, Shop and Dine in the historical town of Lahaina.

This is your vacation and there is plenty of opportunity to take in the sights or just relax all day. We will have yoga sessions everyday in the onsite yoga studio. Morning sessions to help you start off your day, and evening sessions to help you wind down and rest from all the activities. Whether you sign up to do all the activities or you just lounge around poolside at the Wailea Inn, we hope you have a memorable vacation.

Loka Yoga Studio
Relax in the Lele Penthouse or Lele Hideaway at Wailea Inn
Wailea Inn

Enjoy the Retreat!