Why Loka Studios?

Loka Yoga Studio

“Loka” is a Sanskrit word that means dimension, world, or plane of existence. I picked this word because we come from all walks of life; with different cultures and religions and a variety of vocations and hobbies. One thing that we have in common is the desire to live vibrant, healthy and more balanced lives. When you arrive at Loka Studios, we welcome you in just as you are in this moment… and next week we’ll welcome you in just as you are in that moment. If you can show up… we can welcome you to the Loka Family.

Our logo is a fusion of the Hawaiian “Honu” or turtle and the Sanskrit “OM” symbol. The Hawaiian sea turtle is the symbol of longevity, peace, good luck, humility and the spirit within. The honu is also a family guardian. The Sanskrit OM symbol is a conveyance of sound – the sound of life. Emitting the A-U-M sound from the vocal chords, is mimicking the harmonic tone of all creation. It also conveys many triangular principles like: creation, sustaining, destruction / waking, dreaming, dreamless states / dawn, midday, dusk.

We are the manifestation of the OM symbol, this conduit between heaven and earth. This “being human” is what connects us together as one human family, with the honu as our guardian. Gathering together in this one place, as family, to experience wellness is “YOGA.” Welcome home!

Loka Yoga Studio

Yoga for All Levels

We offer classes of varied levels that are beginner friendly. Learn Asana (poses), Pranayama (breath), and Pratyahara (meditation) techniques that help to unite the mind, body, and spirit, leaving a feeling of harmony and balance that stays with you. We all started somewhere… you should start here.

Wellness Therapy

Experience the balanced and invigorated feeling of a therapeutic Raindrop Technique® or Sound Therapy. And now you can personalize your wellness plan even more with an iRest® Yoga Nidra session, Ayurevda consultation, or a biofeedback ZYTO Scan that will give you a prioritized report on what your body needs.

About Essential Oils

If you are concerned about how many chemicals we put in our bodies from pharmaceuticals and body care products, then join us once a month and learn how Essential Oils can be used to promote healing and wellness or meet with our Aromatherapist for a private consultation. Looking for a diffuser? Try here.

Charlene Kanani Thompson, ERYT500 on DaoCloud

Private Sessions

Private Sessions are a great opportunity to receive tailored instruction or therapy to greatly enhance your personal wellness practice. Missed a couple classes and want to catch up? Need exercises for a specific health condition? Want to personalize your Raindrop Technique? You can. Sign up with a Loka Studios Teacher today.

Private Yoga/ Meditation Therapy
Raindrop Technique
$8560 minute session
Sound Therapy
$7560 minute session
ZYTO Compass Scan
$5930 minute session

Group Classes

Drop In Pass
$20single class
5 Class Pass
$9545 days
10 Class Pass
$18090 days
Monthly Unlimited
$19930 days
6 Month Unlimited
$179 month

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