Loka Story

E Komo Mai ~ Welcome to Loka Studios

At Loka Studios, we encourage you to “Come as you are… See what you can become.” Our mission is to build a safe, loving and bright community where people of all types (with all our quirks and dents) can gather together and practice with open hearts. We have created an environment that is conducive to learning, spirituality and self-discovery; a space where people can let out the stress of their lives and return to what is real.

Our intention is to lead you back to your True Self, where you will experience the magic and power of transformation, leading you to a happier and healthier life. We offer several healing modalities, and our classes are designed so all ability levels, every body and everybody, can discover their true authentic self. Come experience the joy, creativity, lightness, love and the endless possibilities that our Loka Studios community has to offer.

We offer a collection of Wellness Practices to help you find balance and harmony in your life.  Whether you are a seasoned Yogini, brand new to yoga, or just want to go to Hawaii with us for a yoga retreat… all our services compliment each other.  The modalities may come from Polynesia or Far East Asia, but you’ll find that the message is the same and life lessons can be learned in every practice.

Where everyone knows your name; we have smaller class sizes to offer you more attention.  This way we can personalize the practices so you get the most benefit from them.  Whether you have a chronic / acute issue or are expecting a child, our instructors are here to guide you safely and in ways that will challenge you and leave you feeling accomplished.  It won’t take long before you become part of the Loka Studios family and you’ll find you have a favorite practice spot in the classroom.

Sergeant Serenity

Loka Yoga StudioI started my Yoga Journey in 2005 in a gymnasium on an military base in Maryland.  Thinking that yoga was just a way to “stretch and take a nap” I signed up for my first yoga class expecting it would be easy.  Much to my surprise, I signed up for a class that was far from easy.  I quickly realized I wasn’t as strong as I thought I was and I had no idea how to truly breathe.  Even though it was difficult, I decided to stick with it.  In just a couple months I noticed a big difference–not as much in my physical body as in my mental clarity and focus.  I was more focused at work and had less stress.  Problems seemed easier to solve…even the Airmen that I worked with would encourage me to go to yoga class if I skipped class more than once.  I realized there was something more to this “yoga thing” and I wanted to know what that was.

I decided to leave Active Duty Air Force, after 13 years, to pursue becoming a yoga teacher.  I wanted to share the same focus and calmness I found in yoga with the rest of my military family.  I moved to Texas and started my training in January 2008 and started teaching later that year.  I still serve in the Air Force today as a Reservist and have had the opportunity to offer regular classes at the gym on base and host special events for military units.  I focused my advance studies in meditation techniques and trauma-sensitive yoga that enable me to offer healing services to veterans with PTSD and other chronic issues, relating to my military brothers and sisters on a level many yoga teachers do not.  I truly enjoy using yoga as a tool for healthy living and this helps me to be a better person, leader and role model in the Air Force and in society.

Loka Studios officially opened its doors on August 1, 2011, offering Yoga & Pilates.  Kanani Thompson started as a Co-Founder and in January 2013 the business shifted direction, and she is now is the sole owner of Loka Studios.  Wanting to infuse more of her Hawaiian roots into her business, Kanani redesigned the logo and essence of Loka Studios.  Loka Studios now offers various Yoga  and Meditation classes.  Together with a wonderful community of teachers, Kanani works to create an environment of “Aloha” that is welcoming and healing.